Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Garden talk...

Ahh look at this summer day..clear blue sky:) I am fascinated by this dome at the old Expo 67 site in Montreal. We went there 2 summers ago. Chris's parents were living in the US and it was their trip to Expo that helped them to decide to move to Canada. Montreal is so awesome!

Lee here..Wow Kathee you have some great plans for this upcoming spring!! Thanks for sharing!
We too have made a vow to get out and enjoy winter...we try to get out everyday to go for a walk...walk through the neighbours fields, tobagan, even bringing in wood is a good opportunity to get out for some fresh air, vitamin D and some exercise! Its easy for me to get in a winter funk come feb or march but my exercise and better eating plan will hopefully prevent that from happening..and keeping busy with little things. Today is a beautiful snowy day...calling for freezing rain too later, so a good day to stay in. (we will most likely go outside but we wont be going anywhere in the car) We will try to get out to the library tomorow to have a visit with the librarians and to gather up some books.
Today I plan on sitting down at the table with a cup of tea and making out some meal plans. I would also like to spend some time reading "The secret life of bees".

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kathee said...

I was at Expo '67! I grew up just outside Montreal and that summer our family went a few times. I don't really remember any of it, I was just 6...but my mom and most of my siblings have fond memories of it!