Friday, January 9, 2009

Greg has cleared the snow off the pond and we have been able to get out on it a couple of times now. We are so lucky to be able to pop down for a skate any time during the day. This morning it is still covered in the snow we got Wednesday. We left it on yesterday so that the top later would melt a bit under the snow and make a smoother surface. We plan to be on it this weekend and as much as we can, while it lasts! We are going to hook up some spot lights and Christmas lights so we can do some night skating too. With a bonfire pit and seats close by, it will make it even more fun! We hope to have a skating party soon, because you never know how long the rink will last.

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Lee said...

The rink looks amazing!! Its huge!! What a great opportunity to get outside together! You are very lucky!