Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Wow Hummmm have to check and see why it looks so good here...Twilight Zone?

This is the dinning room furniture that Dh and I along with some constructive coercive recruiting. Without them we would not have the imagery of radioactive booger! The table was layers of country blue, purple, orange and yellow. Those GEORGOUS legs were a love hate endeavor.

We've had this awesome church pew that required some fixing up and desperately needed to shed the dark brown almost black finish. I have to admit it felt awesome to finally have this project complete and back in service.

This is a where the wood stove use to be. Someday, hopefully soon there will be a hallway right above that leads to a new bedroom for the kids.

This area here is directly across from the futon sofa,making it a perfect place for meditative space (albeit, not quiet)

The livingroom! DHand I broke down (broke being the key word) and got the kids an actual sofa bed and chair. It has a lounge thingy on the side that can be removed to make the sofa look sofa like only.

The chiar sits near a window, a great place to watch the squirles call as they dodge Dharma the cat, this cat has some horrible Karma to work out.. not looking soo good.

This is the red lotus I've been working on


It symbolizes the original nature and purity of the heart. It is the lotus of love, compassion, passion and all other qualities of the heart. It is the flower of Avalokiteshvara, the bodhisattva of compassion.

A peaceful monk sits in meditation.

One Himalayan salt lamp shines a soothing pink hue against the wainscoting.

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