Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Home again, Home again Jiggidy Jig

The Ida Hill Homestead is alive and well it seems.

The husband and I, along with mes bebes have worked our knuckles to the bone. I'm posting some pictures, with the understanding that most cannot compare then and now because they have no then to base this comparison to, but I'll let you know the know is easier on the eyes, and invites a calm order that had disappeared during the cancer journey. I think its more mind over matter, but it matters to me that my mind can function better with a little nesting like tweak. I have re-discovered, over and over this last decade that my visual space is very connected to how well, or not so well I function day to day. I do mean re-discovered as it tends to be more like a hamster wheel than a euphoric ah ha moment, I really should get it by now. Clutter even organized clutter brings about feelings of defeat, bringing about a wave of compassion for myself or others afflicted with clutter. It washes over me, not unlike the concern 0ne feels for someone who has acquired a flu bug and needs time to recover. I feel as though folks who are affected with this disease or is it a disorder? require an intervention, along with heaps of compassion and understanding. The reality is, there may not be a cure or vaccine for clutterism of this kind. A milder form is observed during the seasonal changes, such as fall turning to winter when we gather up stuff to bring inside only to release it in the spring back to the outdoors; this usually resolves itself with little effort.

I’m happy to be home, happy to be surrounded by trees and the reality of its attainability. This homestead is as close to a hundred acre woods that I covet outside my reality. Home is where the heart is, this I believe, but dang it’s a lot easier to feel at home when I have space between the homes of neighboring homesteaders. I suppose this would be a clue as to what my meditations might become focused onf during these upcoming winter months. Yup I said winter, W.I.N.T.E.R. real Canadian living…. hold up with my Poutine, Zippers, and my trusty Telephone.

Well it’s off to get these pictures uploaded, wish me luck!

Lee… it’s a wonderful life!

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