Friday, July 25, 2008

How does my Garden Grow?

My Herb Garden
Hotei stands watch over the coriander and chives, laughing.... possibly because of Dharma the cat's antics. The big tree trunk in behind the Herb Garden is where the club house will be built. This way the kids can climb down and gather up some fresh berries and return to their shelter where they can read comics and talk.

Buddha In The Garden
One of our favourite children’s books, Buddha in the Garden, written by British Columbia writer David Bouchard. The story reminds us that what are looking for is right under our noses.

Blessingway Gift
This statue sits below our flag pole, surrounded by orange lilies and broken plant pots. This was a beautiful blessingway gift given to me when I was pregnant with my wee Tinh Ly.

This is one of my most favourite places in the garden. It's a collection of perennials, no rhyme or reason. I closed my eyes and imagines what went where and voila unorganized chaos. Lee gave me a shell that represents her grandpa, it sits in my favourite part of the garden. The most interesting grapevine grows into the trees that form a canopy over my garden.

Quan Am Hollow
This tree hollow that was created the night of the ice storm has long since healed. Each time I see it from my window I imagine something there using that space, something simple. My Quan Am statue, one who inspires mothering sits quietly observing and patient.

Thanks to Lee I'll have two new varieties a Grande Tiara and June Hosta .to live and grow in my garden. I can't wait to place them in their new home. Hostas are such wonders. Low maintenance, dependable, beautiful and sometimes unpredictable. I have sun lovin' hostas and those who show off their potential in the coolest shade.

Thuy's Nasturtium Garden
Filled will dill, chamomile, nasturtiums and scarlet runner. This is where the garden started! She inspires.

Birth of this garden
Garden Beds and Bleeding Hearts.

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Lee said...

lol Zee....I know, I know what your thinkin....I'm a total slacker in the baby makin department! I think you were supposed to put this comment under my post where as this comment section is at the bottom of your garden post (I know it looks like the top of mine) Your garden pics are so nice!!! Ahhh those fresh spring gardens!!!! I will not take a pic of my moldy cocao mulch!!!