Sunday, January 6, 2008

Blogging into a New Year!

So much to say and not enough time to say it... that's why the saying "Silence is Golden" came to pass.

Most likely what I have to say is fluff anyway. What's the opposite of venting? My mum called it verbal diarrhea, sounds just about right to me! Mes bebe are fast asleep on the playroom floor. Yahyab homestead is a hit. Blue is the colour of inspiring yummy food, with a dash of henna yellow and some moss green to trim it all up. Slowly but surely (cuz it need to be done like yesterday) the cabinets are given new life by spritzing them with a few coats of paint. Once this is done 'll wipe them down and assign them each a buddy. Cabinet one will look after the breakfast foods. Cabinet two will take care of the pasta and flour. Cabinet three will house the canned items along with the almond and soy milk. It's probably best to schedule in an orientation session so we can all make sure we are in sync with each other. Gotta make sure the peas don't wind up with the oats! Oh the tea cabinet was getting a little snooty, seems she was thinking she was something special because she was in charge of the growing tea collection.. pots and all. I've set her straight, gentle reminder we are all equal in this homestead (I asked her if she noticed she was the same colour of blue as her fellow cabinets?) It's the glass... showcase and all.

Look out 2008 here I come!
I think the limb I'm out on right now is a little thin. Don't forget to catch me if I fall Lee ;)

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