Monday, September 3, 2007

Zee!! You're here!!!

Im so excited to see you and I haven't been on in a while!
Life..I am trying to view every minute of everyday as an opportunity to be peaceful and accept what unfolds before far so good as its only 10 am and everyone is still in bed:)
I need to especially practise good listening and acceptance with my little sister who I think feels Im being judgemental. Breathe.......
Today I am doing what I seem to do with great vigor every once in a while...somehow make my home more tidy and organized, thus magically creating more space. Our home is barely 900 sq feet...Ive measured. We dont have a large accumulation of stuff...I totally believe in living simply, but every little thing we have seems to be in full view making it cluttered. Folks dont seem to realize when they leave their sh!t out on any available surface, it drives me crazy! With homelearning having its official start sometime this week, Im feeling a slight urgency to be organized.
On Annie's list of things she'd like to do: arts and crafts, letter writing, planning next years garden, have me start reading the Harry Potter series to her, library visits with a stop over at Scaliwag toys and to the Organic Underground for a drink, and Im hoping to find some sort of volunteering opportunity.
Kate..we'll see how school goes...and Stef..Im hoping her online courses will fall into being.
Thats all for now:)
ps..I did not know that Megan Follows played on the Facts of Life!!

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