Saturday, September 1, 2007

Home Alone!

Wow Lee your yer way ahead of me... Slackerzee!

To all of our fans out there…. Bows to the left, bows to the right, notice the twinkly li’ll star on our teeth?

All by myself, sitting in front of the computer but also watching “Booky Makes her Mark” on the tube beside me, now this is multitasking.

M.F.F's (Megan Fallows Facts)
Born March 14, 1968 in Toronto, Ontario, Canada
She played Jo Polniaczek's cousin on The Facts of Life
I’m not even going to go Anne of Green Gables.

My deastest husband has taken a van load of children to Toronto to vist Disney World!.. I meant Wonderland. DS said this morning it's fun saying "Wonderworld" and "Disneyland" (hold on I think Disney has intellectual rights over the world and the land) What an adventure! School for the mainstream crowd begins in a few days, the rebels of our clan begin when they say, so they say ;).

Here is what's on the curriculum agenda so far:

~Create a game of cards.. using Greek and mixed mythology.
~Go fish, with magnets out of juice can lids and fish cut outs.
~Bake the best bread in the whole world, including li’ll bunz.
~Spin wool, knit the wool.
~Start a wheatgrass grow-op.
~Learn Cantonese or Mandarin
~Get back to making soap, hand cream, tinctures and wildcrafting.
~Of course the A.B.C’s and 1.2.3’s
~Ukrainian Canadian internment (creation of Banff National Park)
~The list goes on….

My RADical child is testing my ability to breathe then duck her smites seeing them for what they are. Nothing I can’t handle, something I’d rather not be doing.. but nothing I can’t handle. When she’s thirty something! I’m going to let her know, “What a ride that was, and thank you for letting me take it with you” I’m going to leave the “but…” out. Having said that, there are times when I feel like jumping off the merry-go-round, rolling under a bush, staying silent long enough to have myself believe I don’t exist in this capacity (I’m actually imagining a TV cop show where they lunge from a moving car (cop car) and tuck and roll tidy like, bouncing up on my hind legs ready to trap the criminal, cept I’m not wanting to trap anyone… just hiding for a while. My striving for Buddha nature makes each morning even better. I look forward to waking with the knowledge everything is changing even though it may not be obvious, it’s changing, some good, and yes some not so good, but each day brings the potential of much goodness. Change is good, it gives us all an opportunity to re-evaluate and change accordingly. Some grasp the opportunities quicker than others, while some let it slip away not realizing it was actually an opportunity. Did ya know hinddight is awesome unless it leaves you with regret. Life is mighty awesome!

Ten-ten good buddy…

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