Sunday, July 1, 2007

Keyboard Scum and Fireworks

Dh painstakingly cleaned the keybaord..behind every key, in every last nook and more sticky more Stefanie eating at the computer!! I was contemplating buying a new keyboard but didnt feel good about buying something I dont need. This one is as good as new now!!
We went to see the fireworks tonite in Cobourg...Happy Canada Day! It was lovely sitting on the rock beach (my favorite place to gather small lake washed stones for my garden) and loads of people had little bon fires going, all down the length of the beach...we made a little one too, borrowing someones lighter and gathering little pieces of wood from the ground. Kate and Annie had a fun time together...Stef was away at a friends cottage. We got home quite late and the girls went right to bed. I havent stayed up this late in a loooong time!
Current favorite music....The White Stripes!! They are rough, edgy with a bit of blues and a touch of folksy Arlo Guthrie IMO..

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