Saturday, July 28, 2007

Avoiding plastic

Today at the grocery store I battled with my conscience and decided not to buy lemonade in plastic bottles even tho they were ON SALE and I really wanted them! I did buy a case of iced tea in cans however, justifying that it was at least better than plastic. I almost always say no to plastic shopping bags altho I havent totally gotten into the habit of taking my own cloth bags in with me. I'm working on it. I purchased some small Perrier bottles of sparkling water just so I can have the glass bottles (to reuse) as they seem to be converting to plastic as well. I have used a mason jar to take water in the car with me (ands its easy to drink out of) but this may be a difficult sell on the kids. So many things are just covered in plastic wrappings..its depressing! I look in my recycle box and wonder what is actually recycled, and what is just thrown in the dump anyway. The trick is to not but it in the first place!

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