Sunday, July 29, 2007

Introducing Zee

Before I go on, I want to introduce Zee...of Zee and Lee. (get on here Z!) She is not my alter ego, she is a real live person and is my closest, dearest friend. Her name is Grace and I have known her since grade 10 art class where she lent me her pencil crayons...she was a giving person even back then!! (this was like 25 years ago!!) I knew of her before then, but always saw her as a "miss Priss"....really quet, little white frilly shirts and bangs so long you couldnt even see her face. We have remained close thru the years, even after her numerous moves, we somehow stayed in touch. She now lives a little over an hour away from me but we talk everyday on the phone and see each other relatively frequently. She is my hero...the light in my life..a inspiration...calming like cool water on a hot day...the wind beneath my wings (sorry Bette)...I wish I could be more like Grace...her name totally suits her! She sees the best in everyone and everything...the world through rose coloured glasses (meant in a good way, no sarcasm here). We have the greatest relationship....people think we are sisters....I would have a very difficult time in my life without her even tho I try not to be dependant on people. I tell her everything and she somehow understands and still loves me!! I think a relationship like ours is rare and I am so lucky to have it!!! We are Lucy and Ethel..Im definelty the one getting dragged into things by Lucy and her crazy ideas!!

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