Monday, December 20, 2010

5 more sleeps

Lee here..I am really excited that its the holidays...I love Christmas! The music, shows, tasteful decorations, getting together to eat yummy food....ok I guess visiting with family is ok too. I really enjoy the story of the Nativity. I like being able to actually take "time off"..and sleep in etc. Annie is super crazed about Christmas as usual..and has been counting down for the past 45+ days. This week is too full of last minute things..I have already put a date on the calender to start Christmas cards and baking for next year....the last week of November. Some night this week we want to go for a drive and look at lights...with a hot chocolate in hand. I really miss seeing Zee and Kathee! We will have to plan something for after the holidays..I picture yummy snacks..tea and knitting.
Merry Christmas!!

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