Thursday, August 12, 2010


The month is flying by...I have been picking loads of veggies from the garden...mostly zuchinni and cukes and beans right now...and freezing and pickling as much as I can fit into the day. I LOVE being able to pull a jar of mustard beans off the shelf when Thanksgiving comes around. It's been a great garden year for some things and absolutely terrible for others...I'm getting tomatoes, but not as many as we usually do, thanks to the beds we put them in. (At the top of the list for garden jobs this fall is to renovate the garden beds/dig trenches for better drainage next year.) I have melons this year though! Canteloupe that is just about ready to pick, and some little Sugar baby watermelons. The peppers are starting to turn red and I am harvesting a few eggplant at a time...enough for some batches of baba ganooche! I thinned carrots yesterday and filled a 4 litre basket. They're not really big yet, but SO tasty! I want to start another planting of greens and chards for the cooler weather ahead. Here's a photo of the first batch of pesto I made along with a mix of sweet tomatoes...we made pesto pizzas with them...pitas with pesto, grated mozzarella and chopped fresh tomatoes; red and yellow and green ones...THAT for me is the taste of summer.

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Lee said...

We're having that for lunch today...Annie picked out some little pitas....yummm!