Saturday, August 7, 2010

Annie in her treehouse

Lee here. This is such a pretty plant but I can't remember what it!
Annie decided to leave her "treehouse" as a platform. It's not a huge space and she likes being able to see all around. She can pull the bucket up with a pulley thats up in the tree. FYI, the cat will not go into the bucket so he can be hoisted up. This is sturdy and high enough for her liking, and her dad is going to build a little perch so she can sit in the "crotch" of the tree that is about 5 feet higher. We would like to scout out some sort of net climbing rope thing for the side...just to provide some variety. We still have to clean up under it.
I'm really impressed with it and plan on using it myself even tho it's high and I can't look up!


kathee said...

AWESOME treehouse Annie!! it looks very high! I still think you should try living in it for a while...maybe even a weekend...and then writing a book!!

Lee, I think the flower is perennial Phlox (some people call it tall phlox)I have some white ones that are just starting to flower...that's about all that's newly blooming in my gardens these days...

Lee said...

I thought it might be garden phlox..I got some white from Bernice at the plant swap..but I thought it bloomed in the spring.....Thanks:)