Sunday, April 25, 2010

Working in the garden...

Lee here....The list of things that need doing is soooo looong!! I haven't put a dent in anything. I'm not sure why I'm not motivated to do things right now...I'm excited about gardening but I also have things that need doing inside. I would love to cross some thing off my list. I started uncovering some perennials..slowly...and then my rake broke :(
Look at this little tiny patch of iris....I pulled some grass from it and a few weeds between the rocks....
Half done.....I pulled back some soil, put down some leaves and some compost from the bin,covered it with more leaves and a bit of peat moss, covered it with the soil I pulled away and covered it with straw. Another thing on my to do list is ask my neighbour for more straw (I hesitate because I always offer to pay for it and he always says no but then I feel bad asking for more!)....I have the other half of the bed to do..where the composter is sitting. I need to lift it off and it will not be pretty...full of winters kitchen waste that hasn't broken down yet...I may plant some greens in this bed to give it a try, but otherwise I will let it sit until next spring. I will move the composter to another bed..maybe a new one I am building at the back, so I can do the same bed building in the fall.
Annie made some natural lip balm from a kit she received from us for her birthday. It turned out really well and made lots to share!
Kate and Annie goofing around on a scooter. Sometimes when we need to stay in the city for some reason, we go to the waterfront trail and go for a walk..and Annie brings her scooter. Its all paved and beautiful.
I was so excited to see this!! Random acts of knitting! I've heard of querilla knitting and gardening but have never seen it in action. It really brought a smile to my face, so I came back the next day (because we had more time to kill in town) with my camera. I would actually like to have a new cell phone that has a camera built in.
And then Kate spotted this!!
I would love to know who did it!! I guess thats part of the excitement and mystery and joy!
So, thats what we have been up to. Today is sunday and I have been doing so great on WW. I feel like sunday should be a day off, not from WW but from the to do list, so I am blogging instead.
Things that need doing asap:
*TODAY...Empty out girls bedroom so we can paint and set up new shelf that has yet to be built. I hesitate in doing this because it means cluttering up the living room for a few days and its a huge job but once its done, its done.
*clean out the remainder of the garden beds
*build pea trellis and plant peas
*take down bird feeders and move swing set back over the main garden for tomato support
*plant more spinach, chard and other peas, and lettuce.
*I had cleaned out and trimmed a pine tree in the yard and some stumps still need to be cut lower to the ground so I can keep it clean, and then rake out all the brush under it
*pull up the numerous thistles that keep growing in the yard..find puller to do that!
*mix some clover seed with soil and put it in that yard in hopes of it taking over the thick, tall grass that grows(way too quickly) over the septic bed...
*build Annie a treehouse
*stop writing anything else on the to do list!
I'm feeling a little overwhelmed!

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