Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Tea for two..or three..or four..

Everyone is invited! I really enjoy a good cuppa tea and making it for others too. Right now I am drinking lots of green tea..its february and I feel in the mood to reap the health benefits of this tea..good for everything from blood pressure to cholesterol to weight loss:) Next is Earl Grey..its the "go to" tea for when I visit Zee or Kath. Now I totally associate friendship with this perfumy tea...and when I drink it at home, I think of them:) Regular orange pekoe is a favorite...its totally familiar and comfortable. Chai for when I want to spice it up a bit..a little spark of something different..especially great as a little treat when made with boiled milk and cinnamin sprinkled on top! I like "chinese" tea any time and we always make it in a pot and drink from little chinese tea cups. Peppermint and chamomile for anytime. We drink lots of tea!


Lee said...

Notice the kettle is on..I really was making tea lol.

kathee said...

mmmmmmm tea...I am into some herbal teas lately that I love...and of course my fave...Earl Grey!