Thursday, April 9, 2009

It's sunny this morning!! Okay, it's only 1 degree, but there's sun!! I have been craving the sun and so have my seedlings. Poor little cold things, waiting for some heat and more light than the grow lights can provide. I hope to sit some of the tomato trays in the windows, just so they'll get some heat, since they aren't thru the soil yet. But I think I'll put the onions out in the greenhouse this morning. Tomorrow will be even warmer and I hope to put all the trays in the greenhouse (which will really heat up if it's sunny all day) I was compost building yesterday and have 3 huge piles ready to go into the gardens...what a stash this year! I still have work to finish on the new bins, but already I love composting more now that it's more organized. It's a lot like my house....if it gets disorganized, it gets too overwhelming and difficult to maintain. I want to get some old clothes/stuff/junk out of the house this spring. It always feels good to purge, sending some to the Sally Ann, some to the Rag Bag, and some to the Craft Box. But not is a good day to be outside! We hear the frogs all the time now; the spring peppers, the green frogs, and the leopard frogs. The wood ducks are on the pond everyday now, and I am hopeful they will use the duck box again this year. Every day there is much to look forward to and somehow the sun reminds me of that!

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