Sunday, April 15, 2012

Quiet time

I feel so productive today. I have the house all to myself and after a yummy breakfast, I got right to work.
*sewed drawstring bags-I like to have these on hand for small gifts and for storing things..even for sending cookies to a neighbour for her birthday.
* weeded 3 of my veggie garden beds..they're raised beds and I'm surprised to find any weeds at all this early!
* sorted through sewing bin..assembled small zippered pouch bag that I will sew later..wishing I could find my zipper foot for sewing maching :/
* packed up winter hats etc...finally
* gathered a bag of things to donate...a good time to do this is when no one is here to stop me!
* sorted recycling for pick up tomorow..I only have one bin so I like it to be somewhat sorted.
* drew ideas for silver and copper jewelry I want to make hoping Grace has endless patience for me!
* printed off Micheals coupon...I want to get a ruler for cutting with the rotary cutter and mat.
* raked a part of the yard
* set up old swing set and netting for sugar snap peas.
I think that's about it..I'm off to make some tea:)

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