Sunday, September 11, 2011

Up, up and ready for wet laundry!

With some help from the big kids, we hoisted the drying rack into the ceiling and finished the project.  It will need to be tweaked, I would like it higher up (ladder not high enough) that can wait until we are ready to paint and have scaffolding.  The plan is to do laundry in the evening to benefit from the lower hydro rates, and dry the clothing overnight while taking advantage of the cookstove heat. 

Drying Rack Loaded With Wooden Pins

I have a beautiful garlic braid to hang in my kitchen!  It's been years since I had a garlic braid, nothing this substancial.  It's only a fraction of what we use as a family for cooking and medicinal purposes, but doubles aa beautiful piece of garden art.  As I get a bulb or two of organic garlic from our CSA share, I dry it and stash it away, same goes for the white onions.  After the herbs are all settled in for the winter, my next project will be working on the cold room space.
Fish Lake Garlic Braid From Pathchwork Gardens