Friday, May 21, 2010

I love planting!

Lee nice to be finished with the initial weeding, adding manure, and tidying up the beds. The fun part is all the planting of seeds and plants! I moved my swingset over to the tomato garden and planted 6 tomato plants...tying them with string as a stake. We have 12 tomato plants in total, 6 of which are sungold which is our favorite!
Kathy gave me some netting for my peas. It was a challenge putting it up but I think it will serve the purpose. I planted a nice thick row of sugar snaps that I saved from last year. I hope they grow! I have assorted seeds on each side of the pea trellis...carrots, purslane, some cilantro, lettuce..
I dumped all the winters compost into this bed and covered it with leaves, some peat moss and manure...I will add some soil if I get some. Its looking really good! I was going to leave it covered with straw to "cook" over the season, but I think I might put some squash in it.
I planted aspargus last year. I was really thinking it wasn't going to come up this year but it is....not all of the plants but half of them for now. I just took the straw off of it today and noticed more coming up out of the soil....maybe I should have taken the straw off sooner?
I am going out with Annie tomorow to pick out some annuals for her garden, maybe some cutting annuals for spots in my beds, and some lavender. I plan on finishing the planting this weekend. I still will grow some more greens later and another planting of beans. Happy growing!

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